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UX / UI for two leasing products 
Client: Flexigroup  |   Completed: 2018


The Brief

In 2017 I provided UI and UX design leadership and services for Flexigroup, a diversified financial services group. I was asked to work on the two leasing products Lisa. and Smartway.

Following a strategic rebrand, Lisa. required a new online application process, a dealer portal and marketing related items such as website and edms. Once Lisa. was launched, I worked on refreshing the Smartway brand identity.

Also, I created a component library which was shared between the brands to strengthen brand consistency and speed up implementation processes.

My Role

Working with market research to inform my thinking, I designed the initial User Interface launched to market as part of the design and product team, followed up with a process of design iterations based on continuous customer feedback.

Leading the UX and UI from November 2017 to August 2018 for the online application for Lisa. and Smartway, I worked collaboratively with a researcher, content strategist, product manager and business analyst.

I also designed the icon set as part of the brand asset delivery, working in collaboration with the UX lead and print team.

The Challenge

We were tasked with designing an application form users could move through with minimal friction. The high level of sensitive personal information needed from users required the right level of explanation, without interrupting the process of the application flow. Information had to be communicated quickly, concisely and effectively so users could understand the context of the application process, assessment, and approvals.

Another key challenge was bringing together different business functions and design specialists, which I was able to achieve in a leading role with the help of my core values around collaboration and diversity.

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